Puzzlic for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Zielok
  • Category:  Logic
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Puzzlic an interesting variety puzzle. Quite original solutions used in the game allow you to reinvent the game known for centuries. And when it comes to geeks of the game is certainly a must. When the game starts, eyes player shows the image that disappears after a while and here begins the actual game. The board, consisting of several squares, where you have to match pieces of the puzzle, and thus restore the entire image. Pieces of the puzzle are selected from the "browser" placed underneath. Now we're in a place where the suspects may fit the part. If you're trying to fit as well with the following elements, until the completion of the work. Otherwise, this place spread at a rapid pace four arrows (up, down, right, left) that destroy everything in their path (including the elements that you've managed to arrange). Quite complex, but only in the description. A few moments spent with the game and everything becomes clear. Players can use hint option, then he will be discreetly indicated the place where the item is to be found. Using this option, however, the deduction results in a result that here is one of the priority items. There was given to 20 different levels, with varying degrees of difficulty. Puzzlic is a combination of old and new ideas for what it offers great fun in his spare time.    Minimum requirements:  Processor: 233 MHz  RAM: No data  Graphics Card: Compatible with DX 3.0  Free hard disk space: Not available  Sound Card: No data